Ron Paterson

A Worldview Based on Evidence

About Author

Born in a three-room sharecropper’s shack in 1938, Ron Patterson’s journey is an inspiration for many of the young minds out there who have the potential to think creatively but are being held back by their circumstances.                                                                                                  Despite his humble beginnings, Ron has spent the last 60 years studying science, philosophy, and psychology. His debut book, A Worldview Based on Evidence, is a testament to his dedication to learning.                                                                                                              The path that Ron’s life has taken is anything from straight. His inquisitive curiosity tossed him from the Naval Reserves to the Air Force from  photographer  to computer repairman, until he finally found his true calling to put his knowledge to work for the good of humanity.                                                                                                            Like any other intellectual thinker, Ron has his own biases and preconceptions. However, what sets him apart from other authors is his willingness to examine his own beliefs in the light of new evidence. This openness to learning and change is what makes Ron’s work so valuable.                                                                                                              In his debut book, he advocates for a secular worldview that places an emphasis on evidence rather than tradition or dogma. By taking this approach, he is able to gain a clearer understanding of the circumstances at hand and discover solutions to problems that have mystified other minds.                                                                                 His unconventional way of thinking has allowed him to make some very astounding discoveries about the universe. In addition to this, he has perfected a technique for problem-solving that is uniquely his own. This has enabled him to discover insights into the most profound misconception and delusions of a number of different faiths from around the world.                                                                          The investigation of worldviews has significantly benefited Ron’s body of work in this area. His viewpoints will provide   readers with a fresh perspective through which to analyze current problems and locate feasible solutions to a variety of the most pressing concerns that face the global community today.